Analog Integrated Circuits Since 1958

"At IC Design Services we take a holistic approach to the  analog design problem. The modern semiconductor product development environment is a complex web of contract wafer fabrication, assembly/test, and  EDA software. Experience has proven that a statistical design methodology yields the optimal tradeoff between product capability and cost. The best design on the planet that cannot be profitibily manufactured is of small value to the customer. Let IC Design Services help you navigate through these dangerous waters to product success and company profits."
-Paul Tomlinson
President and Founder

The First Integrated Circuit[Kilby]First Planar Integrated Circuit(Hoerni and Noyce)The First IC Opamp(Bob Widlar)Automotive FM Seteo Decoder: Bipolar, 80 ComponentsEarly Switching Regulator Controller; Bipolar, 200 ComponentsEarly Power Switching Regulator; Bipolar, 200 ComponentsLow Noise HDD Preamplifier for Thin Film Heads; Bipolar 500 ComponentsHDD Data Endec for RLL Coding; Bipolar, 2000 ComponentsHigh Temperature(150c) CMOS Automotive Pressure SensorMotor Driver for 5 Volt HDD Servo System; CMOS, 4K ComponentsHDD Motor Driver + Power Management for 3.3V ; CMOS, 8K ComponentsDesktop  HDD Motor Controller + Power Management; CMOS, 10K ComponentsWireless Handset Bandband + Power Management IC; CMOS, 1M Components
IC Design Services is an Analog Centric integrated circuit product development company providing;

  • Analog IC Circuit Design, Physical Layout
            Power Management, Motor Control, Low Power, High Effeciency

Our primary areas of expertise are power management systems, pure analog circuit design, system modeling, and mixed signal integration techniques.
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